Fact Sheet

Hojo Studio
Sydney, Australia

Release Date:
LATE 2023

Steam (Mac/PC)




The Godfeather is a ridiculous mafia pigeon roguelike combining elements of stealth, open world exploration and poop… lots of poop.

Players take on the role of an associate in the pigeon underworld, tasked with taking back “the old neighborhood” - territory lost to their enemies, both human and bird alike.

The game’s “swoop & poop” gameplay takes place across a series of procedurally generated levels, each featuring a set of targets that need to be “dealt with” pigeon-style to achieve victory, before encountering a deadly area boss.

As the player progresses further, their legend increases among the pigeon underworld - could they be the next Godfeather?


  • Fast-paced “swoop & poop” gameplay - unleash terror on your enemies from above
  • Dynamic procedurally generated levels split across four brutal neighborhoods, each filled with unique targets and hazards: The Suburbs (available in demo), The Boidwalk, The Town and The Barrens.
  • Hot Pursuit - The enemy has spies everywhere. Get spotted by a cockatoo lookout and they’ll call the APD (Anti-Pigeon Drone) to capture you. You have seconds to find a tree or dumpster to hide in, or you’re busted.
  • Earn Crumb to survive - In between runs, players can visit The Roost to fit out their pigeon with the very latest in boid technology - upgrading their abilities and equipping useful items to increase their chance of surviving a little longer each time.
  • These streets are dangerous - Drones aren’t the only thing a pigeon has to worry about - cats stalk the rooftops, Lawn Karens have garden hoses trained at the sky and deadly owls are just waiting to swoop you at sunset.
  • Epic Boss Encounters - Each neighborhood is guarded by a savage boss the pigeon must defeat before proceeding. Each requiring cunning, lightspeed precision and poop.


Hojo Studio was formed in 2013 by Rick Salter and Jola Szymanska, two designers from Sydney, Australia. A Hojo project typically begins with imagining the dumbest game idea we can, then pushing it as far and as seriously as possible. Charm, style and above all stupidity are at the core of everything we do.

Our first game was Puffington, an old-timey Puffer fish platformer for mobile - followed in 2014 by Nippy Cats, a game which had players defending a lone bag of catnip from a horde of psychotic felines.

2017 saw the release of Inflatality, our most ambitious project yet - a fierce, derpy physics fighter featuring adorable wavers beating the crap out of each other. (in association with DeepForge)

After a brief hiatus to raise families and survive Covid, Hojo returns with The Godfeather - a mafia pigeon roguelike.


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Download all screenshots as .zip
Godfeather Gameplay
Godfeather Gameplay
Godfeather Gameplay
Godfeather Gameplay
Godfeather Gameplay
Godfeather Gameplay
Godfeather Gameplay
Godfeather Gameplay
Godfeather Gameplay
Godfeather Gameplay


Game Design:
Rick Salter + Jola Szymanska

Rick Salter

2D Artwork/UI:
Jola Szymanska

Music & Sound Design:
Rick Salter

3D Modeling:
Jola Szymanska + Rick Salter

Animation & Effects:
Rick Salter